Week 4 MKMMA

Holy crow! It’s been a month already!

I’m getting better with the organization stuff, but still can’t seem to get it all in consistently. Constancy is a challenge for me. And life seems to be asking more of me each day!

So I’m also working on getting renovations finished on my home so I can move back in. I’ve been living in a rental a bit challenging, but I’m very grateful that it has worked out. Anyway, Monday I’m at the house picking out paint colors, (much more difficult than I expected) we’re finally done so I go out to sit on the deck and enjoy the beauty of the autumn afternoon when I get stung multiple times by a yellow jacket!!!!  Hand throbbing and swelling, get home, take homeopathic remedy for stings put ice on it and expect it will start to feel better soon.  Well, not so fast! Hand gets really red, hot ,swollen,and painful. UGH!

Tuesday I have an acupuncture appointment, we work on the hand, some better but not gone. Go to work and now the itching starts too! So add some antihistamine homeopathic too! By that evening it’s getting worse so to the pharmacy I go, the Pharmacists recommends Benadryl and seeing the MD if not better in the morning! This whole time I’m reminding myself that we have no provision for pain...Needless to say it’s been a challenge to keep reminding myself, that with the readings and studies these events do not have to rule my life. They are what they are, and my spirit continues to manifest True Health and Liberty!

We’ll see what next week brings! Ease and flow! Love ya all!



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