Week 6 New Scroll

Yes, this week we got the Scroll II. This one is really speaking to me. I have known for a long time that Love is the answer, and now we’re reading it 3 times per day! Yeah! I’m really loving this one. I have so little resistance to getting this one read and enjoying reading out loud. My heart sings with every word.

As to all the other opportunities to teach my subby, not so great. T am in the process of making the movie poster, finally got my printer to work to print out the color shapes, found pictures of the compass and magnifying glass am in the process of putting them up. I haven’t made the time to go to a kid store to find a compass to wear nor figured out a 3D way to make my PPN/DMP but at least I’m thinking about it! Wow there seems to be alot more than 1 hour of work per day to do this course!  Sorry I haven’t gotten to reading any blogs nor figured out how to tweet yet!

I am however really excited about how this work is showing up in my life and the progress that I have made. The car has been purchased an “Envision”, funny huh ?!?! Who knew I’d envision a new car! ha ha ha The house is coming along! I am moving back in partially next week, and may even have appliances and a functional sink. The counter tops won’t be in for a couple of weeks. Now the decorating begins!!! I am so grateful for all the opportunities to learn and grow that this experience has given me. Who knew it would take so long to find light fixtures, knobs/pulls, ceiling fans …

And it’s all good. Every challenge and question has given me the opportunity to really use the lessons this course has been pouring into me! Grateful, beyond the beyond!




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