Week 7 Mental diet

Holy crow! What a week to do this No opinions and No negative thoughts! To say I struggled is an understatment. The election night I was really good, didn’t watch the returns and maintained my nightly reading and sitting rituals. Yeah Me! However, in the morning hearing the radio announce the results….UGH!!! immediately I was in a tail spin and my old cement went into action! I did my morning reads, sit and stared at my movie poster. Repeating our mantras and working my “Gteeting this day with love in my heart”

I cried for a while and decided that there is nothing new under the sun, so let’s get on with the day. I reminded myself that it’s not over til it’s over, and the one about challenges being the path to growth. But so many folks around me were so sad, angry and filled with negative emotion that I was really challenged to stay positive and working my mental diet. I didn’t string more than a few hours together of clear thinking without negitive thoughts or words escaping my mouth! By Thursday I did a little better, but still not a whole day YET!

Keep Calm and Carry on! I am committed to changing my thoughts and mind on this diet because I know it’s the only way out of my cement!

Thanks for reading, I greet you with love in my heart!

Grace be your journey!


5 thoughts on “Week 7 Mental diet

  1. This is a tough Diet Joy, I still struggle with it and this is my 3rd time around, but it is a great exercise and practice leads to perfection, it can really stretch your comfort zone…Stick with it you’re doing GREAT!!!

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