Week 9 To Know the Truth

I have been off-line for the past 10 days or so getting my home and life on track. So I’m getting back on track now. I’m so grateful to be home even with the instability of living with the boxes and not being settled yet.

As I’m reading the Master Key week 9, #7 To know the  Truth is to be in Harmony with the Infinite and Omnipotent power. Being in harmony, what a great feeling. Being in the flow of my life. By making the connection with the Infinite and Omnipotent, to go through the flow of life. This has been my sustenance during this week of challenge and obstacles. Having a physical challenge that creates pain which stops me from doing all that I would like to do, I am reminded that harmony with my body, mind and spirit!  I have needed to stop and hear the requests of body while my mind is racing with ideas and thoughts of what I can do.

So my soul’s request this week has been to join the harmony of the Infinite and Omnipotent to listen and follow the song of my heart and soul.

Blessings, Joy


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