Week 11 UGH! What does this mean????

So I get inductive reasoning, induction, and the Watchman at the Gate,  but which principle are we talking about in #5, but what does poles and attraction of opposites mean to supply and demand? And how are we privileged to become conscious of the principle and act with accordance with it???

And what about becoming conscious of such a close, varied and deep contact with the world without, that our wants and purposes become no less identified with the harmonious operations of this vast organization, than the life, liberty and happiness of the citizen is identified with the existence of his GOVERNMENT?????

But on top of that #12 totally flummoxed me!!!Spinning in who knows what direction world within/ world without???

But then #13 comes and the light returns! Plato and the photographer saves me! I then am truly redeemed when I read the my prayers are already manifest and now I claim them, with grace! Thank God!

This lesson has been the world wind in my mind! Thank goodness the sit was so gratifying cause this reading was a big challenge!


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