Week 12 7 Laws of the Mind

I love these 7 laws. I find them so helpful and reassuring .


When working on some project and it’s not going well… Law of Substitution! We can’t think about 2 things at once. So instead of thinking on how it’s not going as I had planned, I can stop and think about something else and then come back to the project later!!!

Or when during this season or doing too many things at once… Law of Relaxation! I can stop relax my mind, by grounding, centering and clearing my head, relax my mind to find my connection to the Infinite Intelligence and the challenges are now flowing with ease.

When I know that in this season I will be in challenging situations… Law of Practice! I can practice perfect responses to those challenging situations  and find them rolling off my tongue with ease and grace when that used to challenge me. I can practice the behaviors that I want to follow instead of letting the old cement take over.

Then there’s my favorite, Law of Forgiveness, forgive everyone and anyone to set them and myself free. Wow, freedom from all those past hurts and held onto resentments! Truly the gift of the season for myself and all those I am related too! This law gives me the gift of opening the channel to receive the grace of God and share that faith with others. I heard at church last week  “Grace is when God leans into you. Faith is when you lean into God.”

The combining of thought and feeling brings me to the Law of Dual Thought. I have used this to bring feeling to my thoughts. When I see or experience the stresses of the season bubbling over in my self or in others, I can think of how that makes me feel and change my feeling to one of Love and it changes almost miraculously in those moments. Since I am just moving back into my house after a 3 month renovation, and I work in 2 offices and am working on healing a painful body challenge this season has not been the “usual” season. I have had to let go of all my thoughts of how it should be and allow others to help me. It has been amazing how a little does seem to go a long way! Gratitude has been the thought and love the feeling. Wow am I blessed!

Which brings me to the Law of the Subconscious. Holy Smokes, I know this one is really been a life saver for me. Knowing that when my subby accepts and idea it works on it 24/7… Just finding which box has that thing I want looking in all the places I can think of,letting it go and putting it out in my mind, thinking about it as I rest, I have walked into the basement and found it in the first box I look in.Amazing and Grateful for this law.

The last but not the least is the Law of Growth. This one reminds me that I must control my negative thoughts since what I think about expands and grows. If I’m thinking of how easy things are going I get more ease, and conversely if I think about how difficult or challenging something is I get more difficult and challenging opportunities. With everything happening now I don’t need more difficulty so, I use this opportunity to rest my mind, choose what I do want, and concentrate on that and my subby finds a way!

The Creator did an awesome job putting us all together!

Blessings to all for the Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanza celebrations!


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