Week 13 Thinking is a spritual process.

Wow, gratitude cards, and experience cards. So great to look at all the things that I have accomplished in my life. Thank you Mark J and crew for the opportunity to review the events of my life that have gone well, and change the view of what I had been attached to that did not go well!

We have come to know that  thinking is a spiritual process, that vision and imagination preceded action and event, that the day of the dreamer has come.!!!  “They are the architects of greatness, their vision lies within their souls, they peer beyond the veils and mists of doubt and pierce the walls of unborn Time.” Herbert Kaufman

How many of us were chastized in school for looking out the window and day dreaming. I don’t know about you, but this was my life in elementary and middle school. Staring out the window and letting my mind wander and take a break was the way I survived school in those early years.Now I realize that I was in spiritual persute and becoming the architect of my life and visionary of what could be. As a visual learner it has been my pleasure to look into and vision what I am learning. Within our course of study I have found it easy to sit and visualize my life, my future self and attaining my DMP and PPNs. When it comes down to sitting here in front of the screen and writing these blogs I have also learned that my writing challenges are the fabrication of the past and not the reality of the now. I am so grateful that this course has challenged me to break down the old beliefs and encouraged me to step out of the comforts of the old ways and move into the new and exciting life of my new reality.

In this time of celebration of the Light and birth, I have been forever changed. My love and gratitude knows no bounds!

Blessings to you all!


3 thoughts on “Week 13 Thinking is a spritual process.

  1. I enjoyed your post. It is a wonderful feeling to realize how many awesome things we’ve done in our life… so uplifting.
    Thanks for the memory of staring out and daydreaming back in elementary school. I’d love to have that freshness of life again, free of all the negative influences. This class is indeed life-changing.

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  2. In elementary school the teachers used to write on my report card that “Kevin really has a mind of his own” and “Kevin really has spring fever” These weren’t compliments. These are the things I still have and really love about myself. Great Post!

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