Week 14 Harmony

Ok, I know I’m a bit behind with these blogs, and I take full responsibility for this lax of committment. The old if it’s easy to do it’s easy not to do has set in big time. So here’s a great time to reflect and recommit.

Harmony, what a great opportunity to sit with this. Harmony in my relationships, my self relationship, my activity, my work, my play, my life… I have really enjoyed sitting with harmony, hearing and seeing how it is showing up in me and my life. I have worked with “going with the flow” for many years, so this feels like another extension of that. Being the type of person that can be very stuck in my own way of thinking (opinionated) letting go and finding harmony within my days can be challenging. Within the last 14 weeks I see the changes in myself and how I walk through my daily journey. It hasn’t been huge things, some days just a greater softness with others, a willingness to forgive the small irritations in life, noticing a smile or compliment. Being willing and able to see and notice my changes and how they affect those around me. To be in harmony with what is, so I can stop all the mind fighting, what if’s and if only’s. What a huge blessing for myself and all those I come in contact with. Growth, change and greater ease to living, that’s my harmony!

Blessings,   Joy


2 thoughts on “Week 14 Harmony

  1. Dear Joy,
    Glad to see you giving this an effort. We all have challenges which take us off our path. We’ve been hooked on bad habits and old programming for a long time. It’s important to practice patience – especially with our self. Perfect Practice Promotes Professional Productivity.

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