Week 15 We cannot obtain we lack if we tenaciously cling to what we have!

Part 15 of the Master Keys #5, We have to let go of what we have to make room for what we need for our further growth! Yes, Yes,Yes!!!

This is such a tangible process for me right now as I move back into my renovated home. In September 2015 I was fortunate to be able to purchase a house. As I moved in I knew that I was going to need some extensive renovations to make this house the home I really longed for. So I did not unpack everything and lived with boxes for almost 1 year as the planning phase was going! By August 2016 we were ready to go! My friend and architect found me a great contractor and we were underway! Everything has gone quite smoothly, yes, there were delays, and yes, the timing was a few weeks off… and it is beautiful and I am grateful and blessed to be home.  So now the moving in is taking place, boxes that were packed in May and June 2015 are now getting opened and I get to choose to hold on to those re-found treasures or to let them go! I am taking my time with the opening of boxes so that I can feel out if these “things” I used to love and couldn’t part with are still important to me or part of my past to let go of. Making room and space in this new space is proving to be quite a game and creative adventure.  I live each day with the opportunity of holding on or letting go! I must say that the letting go is getting easier and easier each day!

Blessings,  Joy


One thought on “Week 15 We cannot obtain we lack if we tenaciously cling to what we have!

  1. Love opening boxes from moving. Kinda like Christmas if we aren’t sure what is in them – perhaps too long in the box. My wife and I stored all our favorite things for 7 years, then when we finally got them, it was so much fun opening everything. We are so blessed in so many ways.

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