Week 16 Get Off the Fence!

This is our week to makeover with Kindness! It’s been so heart warming to observe and share the kindnesses that we have all witnessed. I’m loving it, and I’m so grateful that I’m noticing more and more and acknowledging all the kindnesses that I do each and everyday that I’ve never noticed nor celebrated. This week has really blessed me with more love and kindness towards myself, which I am then able to give away to others. Wow, that Emerson sneaks in everywhere…

Sooooooooo, as a kindness to myself I got off the fence and committed to the Live event in Kauai, booked the hotel and found a great flight from Montreal. So happy 60th year to me!!! One more trip off the bucket list, and an amazing gift to myself and all those that I encounter with no expectation of reciprocity… ❤


Blessings,   Joy


5 thoughts on “Week 16 Get Off the Fence!

  1. Dr Joy, Congratulation- what a neat birthday gift to yourself. My husband will be celebrating his birthday while we are over in Kauai too. I am really excited about the retreat and I hope to meet you while I am there. I am glad you got off the fence. Have a great week and a relaxing weekend.

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