Week 17 HJ

Hero’s journey! Truly the reluctant hero, here. I’ve spent sooooooo many years trying not to hold myself up as the authority, and the know it all.. There were plenty of folks in my family who needed to be “right” and were more than happy to “tell” you how right they were. So I’ve ducked the BS and just tried to live the life I had in front of me the best way I could. I hold my self to walk my talk, and live by action. But now I’m looking at walking out from the known into the unknown. I have made this decision many times in my life’s journey, so while I have a good dose of trust, this one feels like the first time I’m doing it CONCIOUSLY!!! Other times I just let my gut lead me and said yes cause it “felt” right but this feels different, exciting,scary and exhilarating all at the same time. I have full faith and trust that Mark, Davene, Dayna, Derek and Lori with the rest of the MKMMA community have my back and I know that this is the experience of my lifetime.

Thank you all,

Blessings Joy


2 thoughts on “Week 17 HJ

  1. How wonderful to understand that you can observe and use these feelings as tools as you walk courageously out of your comfort zone and into the Unknown. It’s the great adventure….and you’re ready!

    Great post, Joy!

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