Part 18 Master Key

Well isn’t this a great thought, “The whole world is on the eve of a new consciousness, a new power, and a new realization within the self.” With all that is going on in our country and world, my mind jumps to the what if’s!

What if we changed the world? What if we showed all people kindness with every word and deed? What if we ended homelessness? What if we ended hunger? What if we loved more and criticize less? What if we looked in the mirror and saw the beauty of who we really are? What if…

The possibilities are truly endless and staggering when we remember it all starts with thought. Our thoughts through the world within manifest the world without.                   Holy guacamole we must have had quite a time with our thoughts of the past! But this also brings me so much hope for our collective future when I think about the March to 3000! As Mark and Davene are spreading this knowledge of self-directed people thinking thoughts that grow our collective good, I know that the power of this new realization will grow and manifest the world that can be of endless joy, unspeakable beauty, limitless love, unending peace and resounding harmony.

So what do you say; are you ready to change the world?



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