Part 19 FEAR

“Fear is a powerful form of thought. It paralyzes the nerve centers, thus affecting the circulation of the blood. This, in turn, paralyzes the muscular system, so that fear affects the entire being, body,brain and nerve, physical, mental and emotional.”

We have 2 choices to live in fear or love. They really are our only options.  We choose which form to follow, paralyzed, tight, constricted and obstructed or open, flowing, free and harmonious! When we open to love we have the consciousness of our power and the choice to develop our courage to feel our fear and free it. We can let it go, refuse to feed it, use our power to transform that energy, that vital force to manifest our highest selves. This is the power that brings thought into form. This vital force of love is the highest form of our life power. The question becomes how are we using this power, this raw material? Are we building up, or tearing down, are growing and expanding or shriveling and contracting, are we singing our heart song or just blowing hot air? With great power comes great responsibility!

How are you handling this power and responsibility?


2 thoughts on “Part 19 FEAR

  1. Dr Joy,
    I appreciated the insights you shared about fear. Fear is an emotion that I have had to really work on and through the Tool box I have seen fear in its positive light not so much its negative aspect. Good blog and have a great week.


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