MKMMA part 21 Dare to Believe

Think big thoughts and Dare to believe!

Hannel states in #19 “There is no limit to what this law can do for ;dare to believe in your own idea; remember that Nature is plastic to the ideal; think of the ideal as an already accomplished fact.”

I have often allowed others comments or ideas to change or end my own ideas and thus followed the crowd. This weeks reading has inspired me to keep my own counsel and to hold fast to the ideas of my definite major purpose. As I go about my days doing the exercises in this course I often find the old blueprint being challenged for what I in my heart know is what I want. The Dare to Believe has really hit me , it rings of truth in me. This phrase gives me belief, power and courage to step out of the background and into the light of my future self.

Think big thoughts and dare to believe in them! I have what it takes to go forth and make the life that has always been there for me. I am natures’ greatest miracle as Og tells me I just need to dare to believe and give myself permission to be that which I seek.

I have seen the changes that this work has been giving me, the hero’s journey is unfolding with each day. People are coming to my aid to support my PPN for true health, and my DMP of growing my business. Totally from out of the Universe a friend offered to put me in touch with a healing program which is directly related to my PPN. This was exactly what I needed. It was easy and effortless to implement into my life and I’m seeing direct results with a happy knack.

Then a few weeks ago, my business mentors called out of the blue to offer me some direct coaching. I hadn’t heard from them in months and here to build my DMP they reached out to me! Within the next 2 weeks I’ve had more growth in my business than I’ve had in the last year. This activity has also stimulated the entire local team, and the calls and activity is moving though the whole team.


So Dare to Believe and think Big thoughts.

Blessings, Joy




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