Part 22 Life Processes

As a Chiropractor my previous 30 + years have focused on helping others heal their bodies. I have always followed the teaching that I am the facilitator of the process not the doer of the process. While I understood the concept of the Law of Growth,  I found it challenging to share this with my clients.

Fast froward to the present, I have been dealing with some hip pain for the last 3+ years. I was doing everything that I knew to deal with the pain. I sought the assistance of other healers in my journey, herbalists, acupunturists, chiropractors, massage therapists,rolfers… While I would experience some temporary relief , nothing would stick. With a sense of giving up I sought medical treatment. Well, lo and behold, my body has produced severe degenerative arthritis. Wow, not at all what I had hoped for but at least now I have something to work with!

Enter this course! I start to develop a different attitude about this physical challenge. I realize that I have created some physical concrete in my joints! Ok then. Here is the challenge then.  What thoughts have I had that are creating this experience?  Better yet what thoughts can I focus and concentrate on that will change this!

Enter Part 22 of the Master Keys!

Vibration of thought, body cells vibrate to the vibration of our thoughts! HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!!!!

With a few tweaks of Chiropractic care from Dr Derek (thank you from the depths of my heart) and this revelation of mind, the path is moving forward. While I did have some medical intervention,(which came to me in a sit) and the addition of ” my body vibrates in perfect harmony with the Divine Oneness for my highest good” , my pain is decreasing and my mobility is increasing. As of this moment I am not looking at a hip replacement in the near future!

I am whole, perfect, strong, healthy, flexible,powerful, loving, harmonious, and HAPPY!



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