So, long time no write! Since the class that I’ve was taking is now over I haven’t made the time to keep up the blog!  But, as the weeks go by I’ve been feeling this exercise of writing about what’s been happening has helped me find my truth by writing. So here is what has been happening.

The class had an optional live event in Kauai, Hawaii. Those of you who follow me on FB got to see some of the pictures from the event.

I feel it was one of the highlights of my life. For those of you who did take the MKMMA class you owe it to yourself to get to the live event for it takes all of the work you did for the months and brings it to the next level. This event was life changing and so affirming of all the changes that we started in the class.

The daily classes were scheduled so that we had plenty of time to enjoy our surroundings, and there were plenty suggestions as to where to go and what to do there. I felt like each and every one of us were friends and as if  we had known each other for years! The sharing of our experiences really helped break down our walls, and helped us see and feel how similar we really are! Yes, we got into our colors and realized the strengths and challenges of each one, but in the end knowing how grateful we were for each others abilities.

There was so much more from the classes than I could ever share.  Our off time and meal times were the most amazing. Every conversation, every event, every car ride was a mastermind in process. Having the time and space to really get to know each other was a gift I will cherish for ever!

In closing you gave yourself the gift of the class. You worked so hard to go through the course and made so many changes that you owe it to yourself to complete the process with the live event!

You’ve got a year to save up to go, and mark it off in your calendar, put it in your DMP and LOVE yourself with this gift!

Blessings Joy


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