week 1 MKMMA

So this is the first week blog! Wow, so much information in that first webinar. I’m sure it will get a bit eaiser as the weeks go on. Great questions from the community! I’m feeling a little wobbely with the read this, recite that, write this and review daily…but I’m sure a rhythm will emerge.

But if it was easy everyone would change their subconscious and have all they desire. So with a big breath and graditude for moving forward here I go into DMP, BPB, masterkey part one, and when my books arrive scroll 1 of  Greatest Salesman, and OATS for the week. phew!  The Oats part will be the most challenging part for me. Scheduals and I have had a love hate relationship for many years. But as my friend Jim says if you want things to change you have to change. As I know now I must change my thoughts to change my beliefs with emotion to change my actions to change my results. So thanks to all the thoughts that got me here for the change I want to take on consciously.

Joyful Song of Light


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