Wow, what’s coming!

Some of you know that I took a course about becoming a self directed thinker! It has been a life changing experience. If you have been interested in self development and getting what you want out of life here is something for you. The course is amazing. The guy who mentors this class is a best selling author. He shares his life experience with this information with hands on support. I have never experienced such great support with direct person to person relatability, and care. We have so often experienced poor support and this is really different. The opening of new opportunities for all of you is coming soon! Keep watching for further information!  You’ll be glad you did!

Blessings Joy


week 1 MKMMA

So this is the first week blog! Wow, so much information in that first webinar. I’m sure it will get a bit eaiser as the weeks go on. Great questions from the community! I’m feeling a little wobbely with the read this, recite that, write this and review daily…but I’m sure a rhythm will emerge.

But if it was easy everyone would change their subconscious and have all they desire. So with a big breath and graditude for moving forward here I go into DMP, BPB, masterkey part one, and when my books arrive scroll 1 of  Greatest Salesman, and OATS for the week. phew!  The Oats part will be the most challenging part for me. Scheduals and I have had a love hate relationship for many years. But as my friend Jim says if you want things to change you have to change. As I know now I must change my thoughts to change my beliefs with emotion to change my actions to change my results. So thanks to all the thoughts that got me here for the change I want to take on consciously.

Joyful Song of Light


So, long time no write! Since the class that I’ve was taking is now over I haven’t made the time to keep up the blog!  But, as the weeks go by I’ve been feeling this exercise of writing about what’s been happening has helped me find my truth by writing. So here is what has been happening.

The class had an optional live event in Kauai, Hawaii. Those of you who follow me on FB got to see some of the pictures from the event.

I feel it was one of the highlights of my life. For those of you who did take the MKMMA class you owe it to yourself to get to the live event for it takes all of the work you did for the months and brings it to the next level. This event was life changing and so affirming of all the changes that we started in the class.

The daily classes were scheduled so that we had plenty of time to enjoy our surroundings, and there were plenty suggestions as to where to go and what to do there. I felt like each and every one of us were friends and as if  we had known each other for years! The sharing of our experiences really helped break down our walls, and helped us see and feel how similar we really are! Yes, we got into our colors and realized the strengths and challenges of each one, but in the end knowing how grateful we were for each others abilities.

There was so much more from the classes than I could ever share.  Our off time and meal times were the most amazing. Every conversation, every event, every car ride was a mastermind in process. Having the time and space to really get to know each other was a gift I will cherish for ever!

In closing you gave yourself the gift of the class. You worked so hard to go through the course and made so many changes that you owe it to yourself to complete the process with the live event!

You’ve got a year to save up to go, and mark it off in your calendar, put it in your DMP and LOVE yourself with this gift!

Blessings Joy

Part 24 Gold in the mind transmutes to Gold in the Heart

Truth is knowing that in order to express harmony, you must think harmony, in order to express health, you must think health, in order to express abundance you must think abundance.

Since the law of growth is truth, what we think about expands, so the work of changing our outer world really is directly related to what we think! This part is really reinforcing the past chapters that have so touched my life.

All thought form is a form of energy, a rate of vibration, but a thought of the Truth is the highest rate of vibration known and consequently destroys every form of error… light destroys darkness.

Ok my mind is officially blown! Today at church I heard Jim Rohn from the pulpit more or less… Don’t pray for things to be easier, pray for more courage and strength, don’t pray for life to be less stressful, pray for the guidance and humility to receive the gifts. I see, feel and sense the shifts that have happened from doing the work and being FAITH FILLED! The rate of my vibration is now so abundant that my DMP and PPNs are unfolding with that happy knack, and effortlessness is mine!

I’m  so excited to see what’s next in my journey!  I know that the mothership will be there for me when I need them, and with continued dedication to the drills and readings my imagination is the limit!


Blessings and gratitude to the entire MKMMA staff, guides, helpers and all those who paved the way for me! Knowing that the pay it forward scholarships will continue for the ones to follow is music to my heart. I continue to share my experiences, strength and hope with all I encounter (with no expectation of reciprocity).

Thank you!


With Freedom and Joy

Money Part 23

Money consciousness is an attitude of mind!

We make money by making friends!

You can make a money magnet of yourself!

The more we give the more we get. Giving implies Service!

Creative thinking requires attention.

Attention requires concentration upon what we desire!

Spirit is the essence of consciousness!

Spirituality is quite practical, intensely practical!

Desires are incapable of any permanent satisfaction in anything that is not spiritual!

Money is therefore of no value except to bring about harmonious conditions.

The idea or soul of money is Service!


These are the points that stand out to me in this reading! There are so many that really ring with my spirit, but these are so true to my heart.

May I be of more service today and everyday !


Part 22 Life Processes

As a Chiropractor my previous 30 + years have focused on helping others heal their bodies. I have always followed the teaching that I am the facilitator of the process not the doer of the process. While I understood the concept of the Law of Growth,  I found it challenging to share this with my clients.

Fast froward to the present, I have been dealing with some hip pain for the last 3+ years. I was doing everything that I knew to deal with the pain. I sought the assistance of other healers in my journey, herbalists, acupunturists, chiropractors, massage therapists,rolfers… While I would experience some temporary relief , nothing would stick. With a sense of giving up I sought medical treatment. Well, lo and behold, my body has produced severe degenerative arthritis. Wow, not at all what I had hoped for but at least now I have something to work with!

Enter this course! I start to develop a different attitude about this physical challenge. I realize that I have created some physical concrete in my joints! Ok then. Here is the challenge then.  What thoughts have I had that are creating this experience?  Better yet what thoughts can I focus and concentrate on that will change this!

Enter Part 22 of the Master Keys!

Vibration of thought, body cells vibrate to the vibration of our thoughts! HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!!!!

With a few tweaks of Chiropractic care from Dr Derek (thank you from the depths of my heart) and this revelation of mind, the path is moving forward. While I did have some medical intervention,(which came to me in a sit) and the addition of ” my body vibrates in perfect harmony with the Divine Oneness for my highest good” , my pain is decreasing and my mobility is increasing. As of this moment I am not looking at a hip replacement in the near future!

I am whole, perfect, strong, healthy, flexible,powerful, loving, harmonious, and HAPPY!


MKMMA part 21 Dare to Believe

Think big thoughts and Dare to believe!

Hannel states in #19 “There is no limit to what this law can do for ;dare to believe in your own idea; remember that Nature is plastic to the ideal; think of the ideal as an already accomplished fact.”

I have often allowed others comments or ideas to change or end my own ideas and thus followed the crowd. This weeks reading has inspired me to keep my own counsel and to hold fast to the ideas of my definite major purpose. As I go about my days doing the exercises in this course I often find the old blueprint being challenged for what I in my heart know is what I want. The Dare to Believe has really hit me , it rings of truth in me. This phrase gives me belief, power and courage to step out of the background and into the light of my future self.

Think big thoughts and dare to believe in them! I have what it takes to go forth and make the life that has always been there for me. I am natures’ greatest miracle as Og tells me I just need to dare to believe and give myself permission to be that which I seek.

I have seen the changes that this work has been giving me, the hero’s journey is unfolding with each day. People are coming to my aid to support my PPN for true health, and my DMP of growing my business. Totally from out of the Universe a friend offered to put me in touch with a healing program which is directly related to my PPN. This was exactly what I needed. It was easy and effortless to implement into my life and I’m seeing direct results with a happy knack.

Then a few weeks ago, my business mentors called out of the blue to offer me some direct coaching. I hadn’t heard from them in months and here to build my DMP they reached out to me! Within the next 2 weeks I’ve had more growth in my business than I’ve had in the last year. This activity has also stimulated the entire local team, and the calls and activity is moving though the whole team.


So Dare to Believe and think Big thoughts.

Blessings, Joy