Press Release

Press Release:

Today I have the great privilege to be interviewed by the lead reporter for the Burlington Free Press, and the Fort Lauderdale News!

We are discussing the phenomenal growth and awesome changes that I have manifested in the past few years! The first is the amazing physical transformation of your body! What do you attribute to your success?

Great question,

I had been scheduled for a total hip replacement and now am fully healed and have full restoration of my hips. I was able to accomplish this through healthy eating, gradually increasing exercise, herbal medicine, acupuncture, Chiropractic care but changing my mind and thoughts was the key. As I sit here today I am more flexible and agile than I was in my 20s. I am astonished and humbled by the vastness of the power our thoughts have on our physical bodies! It’s been diligent work and continuous exercise mentally and physically, but the results are truly amazing! Let’s get on the floor and do some stretching so you can see what I mean!

How did you make such huge changes to your weight and fitness?

As you can see I am now maintaining a trim 125 lbs. I had been one of the many that struggled with their body for too long! As I joined my thoughts and the power of my mind to make the life choices that everyday would allow my body to function at it’s highest level of health the weight effortlessly fell away and my activity increased daily! I know the readers may be incredulous that I thought my way to a healthy body, but the reality is just that. I changed my mind and what I was telling my self. I am now in the best shape of my life and relishing every moment! I cook to my hearts content vibrant and healthy meals, I eat what I want and my body works! I know it is possible for everyone out there! It is work to change your mind, hard work but with a burning desire and constant commitment to your definite purpose anything is possible. I’m living proof!

I had to really work on my self-talk on this journey. I was diligent and relentless with watching and hearing how I was speaking to myself. Every little nuance of criticism was caught immediately and redirected to a loving and encouraging thought! My “what ever” attitude was changed over and over to “I can be what I will to be”. Some days thousands of times repeating it, it was a tool that got me through some of the rough times. Please remember that although this is simple it is not easy! Many times I would break down but I knew that failure was not an option! I had started and stopped to many times when I was so close to breaking through the cement of my past experiences, I knew if I stopped this time I would just add more cement to my mind and fat to my body! I now realize that it is better to not start if you are not committed to going all the way through to the end!

So did this mind work stop with working on your body?

Oh no, so many other incredible joyful things have happened in my life as well. I have 2 beautifully furnished homes! My summer place is my dream come true home in Montpelier. It is the most amazing lovely peaceful place. The gardens are so abundant with fresh foods and the landscaping feeds the neighborhood. We have made a permiculture garden. I feel so ecstatic as I am picking foods for dinner and sharing the abundance with the neighbors. In side the house is so peaceful and open to light and movement. The spaces are so elegant and free to change pace in a heartbeat, from quiet reading to raucous dance hall! I love sharing this space with my family and friends often! When folks join me there they are frequently exclaiming how inviting and warm it feels to be there with me.

My winter place is the awesome penthouse condo at the Pompano Beach Club! I have always loved the beach and the ocean! Many summers I remember packing up the car with Mom and us kids and spending the whole day at the shore! Well now I’m there 24/7. I am listening to the ocean at all times and hear the rhythm of the earth within me. This place is also so peacefully appointed and has great space for all the family and friends to gather. I love to sit by the pools looking out at the ocean and spending time with the kids and grandkids playing on the beach and sharing meals. We love being together and laughing and playing.

You’ve also been very successful in your home-based business, how have you managed that?

Oh yes, I’d have to say with the help of others, and the Master Key Alliance! My dear friend Mark J has put together a course of study that has made all the difference. We work together to build that definite major purpose and develop the skills to manifest it. My business success has been the greatest joy in my life for the freedom it has created for all the folks who have joined us and myself. My financial freedom allows me to support the organizations and causes that are so dear to my heart. I need to give a shout out to the local food shelves I’ve had the privilege to support and the local arts community. We have had so much fun staging productions, creating local beauty, art, music and dance. I know that the schools have struggled to keep arts in the curriculum so I do my small part to support them as much as I can.

So what are your future goals?

I’m looking forward to the new ways I can serve my community, my clients and the world. I am growing my self to give love and support all I meet. I do this with love, kindness, joy and knowing that the best is yet to come.

Blessed Be, Namaste!